2003 - The Great Mother

03 Mar

2003-3-3 - "The Face of Shiva"

I am led to leave the sanctuary of the island to the vibrational planes of India for the first time

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16 May

2003-5-16 - Kings and Heroes

Once more Walsh accepts the Call to Adventure, flying out from New Yorke City to meet me on the isl

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08 Aug

2003-8-10 - "The Alchemy of Fire"

This post is a node on the World Tree, shared with Oberon Zell Whilst wandering the western coas

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21 Aug

2003-8-21 - "The Haven of Ravens"

Having made friendship with Oberon Zell and Morning Glory Ravenheart, I follow the Path northwards,

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28 Aug

2003-8-28 - "Phoenix Rising"

The Magi A vastness of archetypical symbolisms and sensations washes across my awareness as

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23 Sep

2003-9-23 - "Neon Isis"

While living at Shangri-Lafayette in the guardianship of the Great Oak, I continued to move through

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15 Oct

2003-10-15 - "Shangri-Lafayette"

By Christina's graciousness I am granted sanctuary at a mythical keep atop a hillside protected by

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