2006 - Academy Year III

12 Dec

2006-12-12 - "The North Star"

One of the most pivotal moments on my heroic journey was the invocation of my familiar, the Div

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18 Sep

2006-9-18 - "A Gathering of Heroes"

This marks the fateful day when many members of what would become the cast of Characters for Into t

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02 Sep

2006-9-2 - "Blackrock - The Web of Fate"

I return to the City of Dreams, making my way once again across the dune sea of Blackrock.  Su

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24 Aug

2006-8-24 - “The Fires of Ogun”

Connecting once more with the clan of Yoruba Gods, I make my way down to their home, a sanctuary in

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18 Aug

2006-8-18 - "Valhalla - The Pennsic War"

The mythopoetic embodiment of my life continues as I am invited once more by Caius (Carl Bridge) to

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16 Jul

2006-7-16 - "Enter the Labyrinth"

This is such an awesome moment on the Quest.  As I was continuing my studies of divination in

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29 Mar

2006-3-29 - "Blinking Sun"

It is at a sacred ritual honouring the eclipse of the Sun by the Moon that I first encounter the av

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19 Feb

2006-2-19 - "Estrella"

During the ‘Estrella’ episode of the Journey Home, I had been invited to a gathering of modern-

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02 Feb

2006-2-3 - "Harm to None"

One of the early tests of witnessing the principals and expressions of the physics of the quest was

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