2011 – Roads to Eden

20 Feb

2011-2-20 - "Ho'oponopono"

It is at the House of Human Clay that I first encounter the technique known as ‘Ho’oponopono’

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03 Mar

2011-3-3 - "The House of Bliss"

The signs are clear.  I am to make my way southwards, towards the City of Angels, the City of

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01 May

2011-5-1 - "Queen & King"

I receive word from the northwestern realms of Faerie that my kinbrother McLain is handfasting the

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14 May

2011-5-14 - "Brotherhood of Dragons"

The principles and physics of the quest continue to prove themselves as I receive the divinatio

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19 Jun

2011-6-19 - "Bards of Faerie"

Continuing the Quest deeper into the Mythica, Ciardha and I make our way to the nexus of Faerieworl

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25 Jun

2011-6-25 - "The Rainbow Dragon"

Leaving Faerieworlds to follow the Mythmaker, Ciardha and I arrive at the sacred hot springs, there

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01 Jul

2011-7-1 - "The Rainbow Gathering"

We arrive at the Rainbow Gathering.  Such is the first time I have been to such a realm, occur

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08 Jul

2011-7-8 - "The Country Fair"

An invite from our allies amongst the Fae brings us to the fabled Oregon Country Fair, occurring fo

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05 Aug

2011-8-5 - "Circle of Fire"

The journey across Faerie is long, and we must take sanctuary in the fields of Livingwell, once mor

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12 Aug

2011-8-12 - "In God's Name"

Opening Ritual One of the most intense moments on the Quest awaits me as Ciardha and I travel th

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28 Aug

2011-8-28 - "Blackrock - Tikal, the Djedi Collective"

Using the techniques of manifestation, Ciardha and I find our way to Blackrock, the City of Dreams.

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14 Sep

2011-9-14 - "Bending Lightning"

The fields of the Mythica continue to unfold.  I witness my own aspect changing, my spell

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01 Oct

2011-10-1 - "The Faery Well"

In the north I  hear tell that a faery well is being invoked in the sacred realms of Livingwel

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14 Nov

2011-11-14 - "Return to Eden"

At last, the Quest leads Ciardha and I back to the Motherlands of Kauai.  Back to the realms o

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25 Nov

2011-11-25 - "Aerious"

I am spent after the movement with Ciardha, the burns of our interactions still healing.  

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31 Dec

2011-12-31 - "Olde World, New World"

At the eve of the New Year, I am invited to a gathering by Fern DeFay, one involving many of the fe

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