2014-5-1 – “Roses of Beltane”

One of the most memorable and significant moments on the Quest happened on Beltane in 2014, where I was led by Spirit to witness the avatars of the Mythica arrive together to celebrate the ancient holiday in the sacred Wellsprings of the Shire …

Entering the Circle – Honouring the Fae

Ladies of the Moon

Roses in the Grass

The Invocation of Spring

I witness Jumana Sophia across the Fire, the weavings of magic moving through her form. She is invoking something, though I am unsure what. I’m led to witness a photo of her, as well as that of a man sitting across the fire …

Maiden and the Moon

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Dakota Chanel – @dakota , Kunda Rose – @autumnroses , Jumana Sophia , Lucinda Loves ,Joyous Heart , David Lovere , Graell Corsini (@priestessgraell)