2018-7-27 – Earth & Sky

Return to Livingwell

At last, I return to the Faerie sanctuary of Livingwell, deep in the Deadwood forest west of the Emerald City. The hammering and burns along my consciousness are constant as my allies are kind enough to allow Yeshua and I to set up tents on the land in exchange for what has now become a cliche of land work …

The Hearth and the Moon

suddenly my senses are awake. i smell moonlight, something familiar and comfortable, on the winds. the voice of Livingwell is all around me, yet this is different. A scent of easement, soothing my skin on the breath of the air

Touching the Land

It is so good to feel the deva, the sacred aina of Livingwell once more. Once more that sense of time moves through me, I sense that it has been many years since I have last arrived here. Like that sense of Wynden Keep, and the movement of so many Stories …

Visions of the Akasha

As I come into the embrace of the Green and continue crystallizing the spell through the Evernote, my sense of the akasha and it’s relationship to the World Tree opens further. More and more I come to see all things as made of these filaments of element given context within the substance of the akasha. Where the timelines of the people and nature of matter plays out as threads of energy woven together into a great skein of synchronicity and causality. A cloud atlas of branches and roots of the World Tree.

The Blessing of Lightning

“The Mirrorfine”

In the underlands, I am able to see the Idea, the way of presenting the content visually, which emerges through my weaving on the Mirrorfine, actively thanking the deva of information that animates the energies of my sacred device.

In an ironic twist, while internet was scarce at Wynden Keep, there is, for the first time, a WIFI signal in the realms of Livingwell! Given McNutt’s relationship with electromagnetics, I find this incredibly odd and fortunate.

Here, I am able to focus into the Mythica, sitting by the cooling tones of the river deva, working with Livingwell to heal and balance my energies so I may deliver the Mythica clearly.

The Balancing Earth

McNutt listens to the fields. To the subtle energies around the weaving of the Mythica and the mission of her meaning.t

“Earth. Working in the Earth will bring her to ground.” he says …

The Cobgoblins

Gift of the Trees

Despite the pressures moving through me, the trees remind me to laugh, the deva playing with me in the altitudes of Livingwell …

i am deeply thankfull at this time for the ganja deva, easing the suffering and fires within my nervous system. while i still feel the incessant burning and the imbalance, the smoke is so soothing, temporarlymcalming the fires within

Music and Melodies

Blessings of the Gibney

The Old Growth

Marygold leads us to the Old Growth, a copse of Oak trees guarding the energies of the land ….

We gather red clay to build out the permaculture cabin and more …

Compact with the Faeries

Yeshua is distraught over the disappearance of the yeh ming zhu. In response, Mark and Mary teach him a lesson about interaction with the deva, which results in the return of the amulet with new enchantments …

Magic and the Maidens

The bardic emerges deeply between Yeshua and I in this moment, sharing the magic with the maidens amidst the flowers of Livingwell. As we do, I feel the land sighing, washing through me as tones of contentment. Of access granted to my magics through right-action.

Loving the self

It feels so difficult to muster Love for the self. To breathe into the incarnate plane through the agitation still resolving in my consciousness. Still, I do my best, when I remember, which is not often, to intentionally move the vibrations of Love into my form, using the mirror as a aid to the casting.

Service of the Auror

As I move through the space, I come upon a spellwork, a written invocation of subtle energies between the previous occupant and McNutt. I don’t like the smell of it. It feels misaligned.

It is a simple binding, placed inside a gridwork by an unsold consciousness. Easy enough to break, dissolving the lines in the sand of the intention.

Agreements and Value

Return to Wynden Keep

With our time done, Marygold kindly brings us back to Wynden Keep, where we carry with us a number of jars of the blessed waters of Livingwell as a gift to clan Wynden

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis), Kenzie Cleary (@kenziecleary), Mark McNutt, Marygold McNutt