2018-9-22 – “Equinox of the Faeries”

The seasons turn as we continue our stay at Wynden Keep, with a series of synchronicities aligning multiple avatars of the Mythica in confluence for a modern myth of ‘An unexpected dinner party ….’

A Date with Destiny – (The Unexpected Dinner Party)

Led by Divine guidance to be a part of the Mythica, Destiny Fae travels up to Cascadia to meet with us at Townshend’s Tea House in the Emerald City …

As an accomplished Divinator, Destiny Fae offers her talents to the clan at Wynden Keep ….

The surprises continue as Raven Wynden kindly indulges more people in her sacred space, with Kundra Rose appearing in sacred synchronicity on her Path to be recognized in the annals of the Mythica …

Characters Appearing in this Episode

Jesse Wynden (@intothewynden), Raven Wynden, Satysha Wynden, Ayeden Wynden, Hjeron O’Sidhe, Noah Mclain, Marla McLain, Adi Shakti (@adishakti), Kenzie Cleary (@kenziecleary), Gabrielle Gibney, Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis), Emilio Lopez, Kelly-Miller Lopez, Chase Williams (@fernweh), Kundra Rose (@autumnroses)