It is so soothing to awaken at the temple.  To feel the nurturing times of Misty’s Aspect.  More and more I am feeling a shift into what partnership actually means.

Borrowing Misty’s vehicle, Yeshua and I make our way to the encampment, sharing our latest movements on the Quest.

A deep sense of gratitude moves through me, my emotions subtly responding to the voices of the Deva.  More and more, and especially in the sharing with Misty, am I feeling the structure of my tale coming together, which feels like a vast realmshift from living in the tents to sharing space with her at the temple And being more involved with the community.

Such is new for me as I check the Akashic Compass, noting the fields changing, becoming more immersed in the shifting threadworks of human interaction.

I open the ward over places on the entrance to the encampment with the five elements, feeling the subtle threads moving in the ethers off the Akasha.

In the tent, I see Hobbes Tig-Tig protecting my gear as a dutiful guardian tiger and am appreciative of his presence in the fleld. I won’t speak for others in this way, yet I find the company of a tiger reassuring at all times, especially when out in the woods.

It’s a beautiful thing, and I witnessed a photo of Tig-Tig outside the tent, as well as Yeshua outside his tent. This encampment is served us deeply, and while I am currently making a move deeper into the temple and relationship with the Odom, I am deeply thankful for the sanctuary and security that is been provided by the Deva as part of our service to the Goddess.

It is a sentiment shared by Yeshua as I witness a photo of him, of the Deva illuminating the nobility of his countenance as we make our way forward from the site.

There is such beauty in this. All throughout the Quest I have been privy to witness the deva with my photography, to see those moments of light and luminance, where we recognize more deeply the unity between our selves and the circumstance of our art. Where we see the glory of our clarity made manifest in the witnessing of our images on the journey.

I do not know if I shall return to this during the winter. All I know is that it is a excellent and noble realm, filled with the blessings of the divine.

All around us are realm sign of abundance. As we make it to the Y, we encounter Cpan at a round table.

Noting the significance of our shared meeting at the sacred bathhouse of the YMCA as she occurs in the Mythica, I sense our movement deeper into the realms of prosperity and productivity, where the substance of the Mythica invocation is that last grounded enough to support other authors consistently.

In this context, I am able to offer Cpan a membership in Mythos, as well as opening up the space in Evernote and Google for Raven, who continues to perform the action I’ve been on Mythica author.

Soon after, I make my way to the library, where I have a video meeting with Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. As we open the space, he sets his backgrounds to that of a mystical library.

“Oh my God! That’s so perfect!“ I say to him. “That we meet here, each of us in the library, each embodying the sacred power of story!“

Oberon Zell (@oberonzell)

He smiles. I sense the tone of kindness and enduring love that always emanates from his being.

It is such a beautiful thing to share with Oberon. For many years now, he has been an honor and ally on the quest. More than this, I recognize in him the tone of publishing and service to the goddess,The earlier iteration of what I myself and doing in the Mythica at this time.

Across the Akasha I can see it. The texture of publishing and mystical adventure that we share. It is no accident, but Providence and residents that brought us into alignment so many years ago, we’re over on gifted me the Millennial Gaia that has been my constant companion throughout the quest.

And no one certain terms, it is a great blessing. He tells me of his latest project, called “2020 vision“, And I am elated to be able to share the Mythica with him, to present the portal that will bring more people recognition of the great gift and message that he brings to the world.

Realmsign continues as I drive back from the library, I see a sign that says “this season give adventure“. How apropos. What a beautiful message from The Universe regarding the gift of the Mythica to the people.

The evening brings even more expansion, as Misty and I make our way to a gathering at the house of our friend Kristica.

It has been so long since I have been in a gathering such as this. A collection of peoples and community, where there is laughter, lightness, and dancing. Here, I am blessed to engage in my own magic of dance with the high priestess of the house (Kristica)) and feel the flushness of sexual energy and potency moving through the space.

Here, I get to witness Misty, so beautiful, so clarified, so Sovereign and her repose. In every way I am coming to appreciate her more, the nature of her own attainment and have a match made in our shared movement.

Here I get to witness a painting made for one of the assembled guests, as well as create a mythical portrait of one of the young ladies. It is a beautiful and magical exchange.
I feel a great deal of residence in a sexual and expensive way with the dancing priestess. Misty feels it is well, noting the energies in the field. For sometime now, we have been considering The addition of a third into our alchemy, including the creative and sexual residence that we share.
I express the resonance that I was feeling with the priestess, and we consider if she is appropriate for this alchemy.

This is a new type of conversation for me, one flush with the vibrations of clarity and honesty, or Misty and I are both aware of what is happening and willing to explore.

Such occurs as a movement deeper into the realms of comfort, easement, and redemptive relationship, where I see the beauty of the residence between us and it’s tantric expansiveness.

Characters appearing in this episode –

Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis)
Oberon Zell (@oberonzell)
Misty Odom (@mistyo)