It is the third day of the 100-day cleanse with Misty Odom (@mistyo), where I find the space within to actively attend the kundalini offers of Life-Force Academy as well as my own ministrations of elemental magic. This is a deep shift across the underlands, where I experience myself in a realm of access that was previously untouchable.

Such says so much about the nature of the unfoldment, the larger timing of events that lay far beyond the resolving horizon of our emerging selves.

I contemplate this as I leave the Temple of the Sacred Mirror, finding my way to the library of the University of Texas.

After so much, I come back to the posts. To the basic chronology of the Path, woven into the much greater fabric of my journey Home. Such has been a great journey, of outward ideas reflecting the turbulence of my own restless mind. Where I have tried and examined so much, only to find myself back where I began, in the simplicity of the written word.

I’m sitting in a local juicebar a few blocks away from the Temple of Story that plays out on the surface as the Austin Public Library. All day long I’ve been doing practices of inner transformation, ranging from the classic kundalini invocations of the Life-Force Academy to my own elemental conjuring, mixing a blend of forgiveness and manifestation as feels appropriate in the moment.

I tried it all. Instagram, using Mythos on the main site, creating Adobe Page Stories, building out the tales in inDesign, to eventually get back to the comic book and the *basic* blog posts for those who want to go deeper into the writing.

What’s really amazing about it is that it comes as a result of doing the inner clearing, applying the kundalini yoga and the other practices in the healing journey I’m sharing with Misty Odom (@mistyo). Such is really, truly a beautiful thing, where I’m coming to see how negative my energies have been due to the trauma, and how necessary it is for me to be mindful, to go deeper into the healing, such that I can have the access that leads to the prosperity and connection with others in the way that I deserve.

From the Quest 2019-9-3


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