The day begins beautifully as I awaken with renewed energy, proud of myself for cultivating my vital force throughout the night. I leave my tent and cast an invocation of protection, then make my way to the secret spring to fill my water jug with the life-giving Waters.

As I make it to the springs, I continue my journey into vitality, applying the lessons I learned the day before in my aspiring laps through the water. Here, I encounter the Lady Odom, and am privileged to witness a pair of Water magicians through the octaves of the Mythica in a loving embrace in the sacred pools.

Soon after, Misty and I leave together, heading to the Temple of Story that plays out as the Austin Public Library on the surface plane of awareness.

Facing the Distortions

As I sit and work on the Mythica, a medley of energies moves through me, and I feel a great anger boiling up through my system towards members of my family who I feel have not respected me and have subtly tried to dominate my energies despite my attempts at communication and expressing my preference for a more round table approach to interaction. One that recognizes us all for the Kings we are, together.

Doing the Power Practices of Life-Force Academy

Recognizing that this is a pattern that has been prevalent throughout my life, I resolve to engage the clearing practices of kundalini yoga, forgiveness and gratitude to dissolve the tensions in my subtle body.

After completing the kriyas for the day, I open space with the 5 elements, and begin a forgiveness meditation, noticing where it occurs in my somatic body, centering around my power chakra. As I do, I deliberately forgive the being in my field with recognition that they are an aspect of my own self. Within this, I come to realize more and more clearly that the practice of doing the kundalini yoga first is key as it clarifies the subtle body for the invocations, empowering my efforts.

It is a successful working, as I feel bits of the long-standing tension within me softening, allowing more prana to flow through my system. And as things clear, I have the intuition that it is not the individual that I am truly angry at, but my father and the archetype of the Divine Masculine that was imprinted upon me as a childe. Here, I recognize the vicious response that comes up in me at the slightest hint of a being trying to assert dominance or authority over me, where I have almost immediately shifted the energies in response, exerting my will and potency in return for the slight against my being.

Yet such things do not serve in the long term, and they inhibit the flow of energy through the form, limiting one’s prosperity. To not resolve such deep-seated angers is poor strategy, and I aim to win at the game of Life.

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