I sleep in, needing the rest. I have worked so hard on the Mythica for so long, putting all ergs of my energy towards her creation. I need recuperation. To trust the timing of the unfoldment. Last night Yaws sent me the confirmation of invite for the Lady Odom and myself to a gathering of the Galactic with ambassador Giselle Koy. Things are moving.

Oberon Zell

I bow to my statue of the Millennial Gaia granted to me by the wizard Oberon Ravenheart early in the Quest, her constant presence on the journey reminding me of my sacred privilege, to walk the Paths of myth and magic in the real World.

As I make my way to the springs, I find trash dropped upon the Path. It seems a constant necessity, and part of my stewardship of the Land which has opened for me, to clean the detritus such that the energy may flow more clearly in service to all.

Synchrony at the Lus

I intersect with fellow bards at the springs, and am called on to play the bass. In the underlands, such radiates with alignment, feeling the flush of my music growing as I continue to reclaim my sacred voice.

From there, I make my way to Casa De Lus, curious as to what they require in volunteer work for a day’s meal. As I approach, I see a mother and her daughter, reading a book on herbs. Divinity moves through me, and I open the space, sharing the magic of the Wind flute and the Storybook of the Mythica. (TBC – Under construction)

A waft of radiance moves past us both, tickling the ether of the Akash. I feel storytale energy, shamanism, a cauldron of creative sparks. Whoever they are, the Mythica calls between the lines, resonating in cosmic song.

Moments later, the woman returns.

“Who are You?” I ask, feeling the flush of Story.

She smiles, and opens with a flair of lyricism. “I’m Ciara. Ciara Blossom” she replies.

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