2019 - Temple of the Akasha

14 Aug

August 2019 - Week 3

Continuing the adventure deeper into the Mythica ... Peter Fae moves fo

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18 Aug

July 2019 - Week 2

Characters Appearing in this Episode Misty Odom - @mistyo
03 Mar

2019-3-3 - "Lions of Love"

Convering at the Temple of Peace, I am led to re-encounter Jonah Lion, Seth Mikael, Kasandra and Na

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03 Jul

Mythos - The River of Myth

A vast sense of nostalgia fills me as I gaze out across the akasha.At last, the Mythica spell hums

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18 Jun

2019-6-18 - The Subtle Alchemists

So much is changing. Hana means 'work', and as I sit on 'Hana Mana' land, the 'work' in the 'land'

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20 Feb

2019-2-20 - "Moons of the Mythica"

OUTLINE – In which I am invited to a gathering, a journey with the mushroom deva deeper into the

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03 Feb

2019-2-3 - "Friends of Faerie"

The Great Story unfolds as allies from the realms of faerie arrive on the island and make their way

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24 Jan

2019-1-24 - The Tiny Temple

To be in the temple is proof of concept. Of manifestation wrought from the ground floor, from the

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17 Jan

2019-1-17 - Haleakala - Dawn of the New World

The constant application of Manifestor consciousness mixed with forgiveness pays off as, with virtu

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01 Jan

2019-1-1 - The Ahimsa Temple

The New Year kicks off in a magnificent way as the avatars gather at the Ahimsa Temple.  Conti

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07 Jun

2019-6-7 - Hana Mana

Characters Appearing in this EpisodePeter Fae (@peterfae), Yeshua Lucis (@yeshualucis), James V

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09 Jan

2019-1-9 - "Gaze of Shiva"

A MAJOR moment on the Quest where I felt my personality dissolve and the aspect, the gnosis of Shiv

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