2020-3-14 – Medicine Journey

I go on a medicine journey with Nature, moving into the subtle realms with the assistance of one of the plant deva. As we do, I feel a flush of inspiration move through me, to show what a potential journal entry of a Mythica Author can look like.

In essence, a journal entry from the quest deeper into the Mythica is simply the description of your Shamani journey in a way that is cohesive and reveals the nature of perception and reality.

Anything can be a journal entry. I walk in the park. Sitting by the fire. Your adventure at a festival. Your inner meditation. At the core, we are providing a medium for the journaling of one’s own magical adventure, Teaching through example.

In such an example, as I make this entry using dictation with Evernote, I walk with Nature Dreamweaver through the local Greenbelt, near the temple of the sacred mirror. We have both taking on some sacrament, and are enjoying the shift in the rounds of our perception and relationship with the sacred land.

As we do this,I recognize that the invocation of the Mythica has gotten to the point where I may aluminate the path, Weaving in illustrations of my social senses with in the context of the mythical journalism. Where I share the nature of my experience insensitivity with the Deva with years and journalistic often to city.

We can also add video logs to journeys. Ways of describing the experience for us on the surface the saddle and the causal levels.

For example, for me, in this moment, there is a deeper visceral sense of the subtle energies that make up my being. There’s a sense of the energy is the make up natures being. There is a sense of magic and wonder, where the voices of the Deva sing to me. I witness us coming to a small Grove that I did some kind of lenient, noted The confluence. I feel myself in a more mythopoetic way. More flush with the vitality and energy that is.

This is the truth of it. For the we walk through an infinite number of expressions along the physical plane, we share the same basic movement through the depths of our own potential. The movement from the surface, to the subtle, to the causal perception of the world through which we move.

In mythopoetic rendering, we have the ability to present our real journey across the landscapes of legend, coming to recognize the magical significance of our synchronicity of moments.  Where we consider the inner world of our being, what occurs for us in the moment, going beneath the surface of the World.

There is a beautiful meta-perspective to it. One where we recognize ourselves as the witness to our own unfolding story. Recognizing one another as the mythical characters in our own embodied legend.

It is this divine unfoldment, the Magical revealed through the same in Mundelein, that we come to speak a new narrative into the world, a shared witnessing of the wonder of the creation that is revealed when we do the inner work to clear our lens of perception, the lands within and without, such that the majesty that has always been there may be revealed.

It is here that we may reveal the roots and branches of the world tree, the movement towards a more heavenly earth as seen through our avatars as the human condition.

Nature places his back up against the tree, I follow, finding a Sacred ally, a trunk of my own with which to drop into my connection with GAYA.

In this way, I am actively grateful and bowing to his presence in my life as a reminder of that process, for all too often my facility with lightning and the endless storms of story causes me to forget the most basic of practices of ground in my magic in to the earth plane.

It is beautiful to witness Nature examining a small nest of leaves. Majestic. For such is the microcosm of the very thing that he does for others, the building of gnats in the holding of space such that they may remember their higher selves.

As he stretches on the trees, I reminded him that this is journaling from the Mythica. Is the witnessing of ourselves in alchemical acrobatics, recognizing the sacred human journey a reunion with the mother.

As he does this, I feel him combining the synergy of the boat spring technique with his own awareness of the Deva, pulsing and pumping his body in a kundalini that is contemporary to our age of remembrance.

In this way I find myself in my sacred function-a divine witness to the unfoldment, doing my best to record the journey deeper into the real mythical world that lay with us all.

My body aches as I stand up, remind me again of the gift of acceptance of the physical plane that Nature and Misty and Yeshua or embodying for my aspect of the collective.

In this I am deeply thankful for the medicine, for I was in a terrible state earlier today, deep in resentment at the very nature of the processes required to transform the substance of the Akasha and step in to the New World, together.

I do not judge this, for it is my own secret path back to the realms of a more heavenly earth. My own balance of the opera chakras into the lower, at last resolving my lifelong enmity with the earth plane and the city of process that we all share.


You see, as I walk amongst the leaves in the blossoms, resplendent with the energy of Springtime, I am humble enough to realize and remember that I was not in this state of being this morning. That the very thing upon which I journal an outline for all Mythica journalists, is the nature of that movement. The shift from madness to majesty. The walk from chaos to clarity. The road from Rune back to remembrance.

As we return to his van, a post from Michael Bernard backfit with arrives and we take a video.

To my eyes and in relation to this form of sacred witnessing, it is the proof of the physics of the quest, the arrival of moments of synchronicity and circumstance that serves as definite to worry reminders that there is a way to live in a more heavenly earth.

In this I am thankful, for I am in a state of being and Willingness to express the very nature of being human as an example of the journal of movement deeper into the Mythica.

We return to the cherrywood coffee shop where we began the day. He is not feeling the effects of the medicine as I am, and is gathering some food and a beer to shift his mood.

True to my character, as fellow yogis on the path, I expressed that the reason the medicine is not moving through here in the same manner and the reason he has a headache is because it is the lesson. The movement from the head deeper down, that we all must take, such that we may feel the kiss of the mother the lady beneath her feet.

I do not judge him for this, nor do I judge my own state of being as I was this morning. To my vantage as a witness of the realms of the Mythica, this is but the territory of the reality that we all must face on our journey to a more heavenly earth.

In this the arrival of the barb wire chain-link fence and the trash bins up on my secret path serve as a reflection of the nature of the human condition and our own interpretation of our movement towards that bright a reality.

As my will make my way back to the cherrywood, I spit out a man and a gigantic wolf dog, and I am reminded of north. My beautiful, Magical, beloved friend. Without him I would never have made it through the woods of the human condition.

To see this animal, to touch him, brings tears to my eyes. My vote voice chokes even as I write this… As I dictate this into the Evernote.


And in this, there is the reminder. For northwest my own reminder in a world where I felt that God had forsaken me. My magical familiar and my beloved companion. Who taught me how much many things, the nature of impermanence.

… And even in this, there is majesty. I am deeply appreciative for the point and counterpoint that dates and my authenticity has in this moment, and what it says about our experience of the human condition. This is the stuff of our narrative. This is the journal of our experience, for Azurra mind-earlier today, it was Nature who is talking me down for my own grievance with the Earth plane.


M… And even in this, there is majesty. I am deeply appreciative for the point and counterpoint that dates and my authenticity has in this moment, and what it says about our experience of the human condition. This is the stuff of our narrative. This is the journal of our experience, for Azurra mind-earlier today, it was Nature who is talking me down for my own grievance with the earth plane.

As I sit and chat with my beloved brother, we speak about the nature of being a Mythica journalist. About describing the very real human journey to hesben on earth.

I tell him that it is not easy to be a Mythica journalist, for requires having true non-judgment and the ability to except, without shame or blame, the nature of our experience of the creation.

I am not free from this. I am not free from the fear of being judged him. I am not free from the very human reaction to this conditions of our circumstance and the ways in which we beat ourselves up for ultimately, what is.

As I sit with Nature, moments after making the video in which he so beautifully and comedically surrendered, I feel led to share in my own journal my own addictions and challenges, for such is not being a diva, it is being a Deva being human.

In the vantage of forwarded by the medicine, I speak of former lover, my current healing convalescence at the temple of the sacred mirror, and my lifelong addiction to masturbation as a means of negotiating my difficulty with the earth plane.

It is not easy to share this. Yet a part of me feels that the nature of the Mythica spell is to present ourselves in naked honesty, such that the pressure within may be released (no pun intended) and we may have release from shapes that are no longer appropriate for us.

I have had a relationship with masturbation all throughout my life. It has been my sanctuary, my support, my release from what I consider The loneliness and difficulty of my long years on the quest.

I do not judge myself for this. I cannot judge myself for this, for if I do I have attachment through the judgment, and I cannot be released from its repetition.

In this moment of absolute narrative nakedness, I am doing my best to negotiate a pattern which has brought me so much sanctuary in the past and now has become a prisoner of my life force, from which I must muster A deep movement.

It is not that I am not in the company of a beautiful goddess at last. It is that such has been the pattern of my relationship with the earth plane, herself. In which I have been desperate for a certain sensation, for a certain joyfulness, for a certain refuge.

Such ties in to the reality of my telling Nature that neither of us needs the addictions And imbalances with medicine that I see in the collective field. It is the truth of the thing, said simply, and this is part of what being a mythical journalist is about.

In essence, it is about being non-judge mental. About being a witness. It is not easy for me to speak about this. It is a very difficult thing, For my own judgments of self are that I am wasting my life force, denying myself the very gift that the goddess has given me in my frustration with the earth plane.
I like the lesson in in permanence shown to me on the journey, we must all face the addictions and resistance is that we have to what is.
Nature was right and righteous this morning, when in the same Cherrywood coffeehouse he sat and listened to me well my frustrations for over two hours, flush with my resistance to do in the practices that all of us must do in the human plane.
In it, I complained to him, as I do, with no judgment, that I felt, as a Deva incarnate, that I should not be forced to endure the repetitive practices and traditions of yoga l That exist as remedies for one’s mood and manner with the experience of being human.
Yet Nature was patient, as an emissary of the much larger nature, herself, which provides us with the medicines and meditations necessary for us to transform our circumstance.

It would be easy for me to simply proclaim the nature of the movement across the realms from my davit alignment with authority.


Far more difficult is the willingness and vulnerability to reveal that which makes us both divine and human, all moving through our own portion of the distortion that we must to a body the more heavenly Earth that is our birthright.


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