2020-5-18 – Shadows & Light

The Quest continues. I’ve changed so much since i’ve come here to the Sacred Mirror Temple. The more the root chakra is healing, the more I am having the ability to stabilize, to drop into a consistent practice and recognition of what must be done to move forward, deeper into the Mythica. There is the deepening remembrance that I cannot rest on the laurels of the siddhi of story, for such is but one aspect of the journey towards wholeness. That the still-resolving agitations within my subconscious must be addressed if I am to truly drop into resonance with a more heavenly earth.

The Root & the Crown

It’s a time of deep transformation, where i’m able to witness my self more clearly, to see the patterns and unconsciousness that obscure the fullness of my light from sharing itself with the worlds. I continue to see how unbalanced my energies have been, how the long-standing tremors through the subtle energies of my root have defined the shape of my viewpoint, my relationship with the nature of being human itself. It is a sobering revelation, not so much for my witnessing of it’s substance but for my ability to anchor it into remembrance. To take affirmative action on the circumstance and apply the practices and the yogic arts to correct it. It is a new sensation, one where I feel more grounded than I ever have, more able do what needs to be done.

Along with this comes recognition, a deep awareness of how far I have come, how many challenges I have surmounted, how my trials have turned to the treasures that I now bring back to the tribe, fulfilling my sacred function as a bearer of Story. Through the clarifying haze of self-worth I see my own quality as a messenger, my sacred function in bringing the yoga of story to the people by embodying the journey and it’s narrative through the Mythica.

I appreciate the balance, for the journey to wholeness is an emotional one, and as I look upon what must be done to continue my healing and thus my ability to help the worlds, I must remind myself of my accomplishments, safeguarding that sense of perseverance from shadows, the bouts of agitated depressions and angers that still linger within my inner terrain. There is a necessity of deep vigilance, of being truly mindful of the subtle energies that are manifest through my electromagnetic field. Of recognizing the relationship between what I am broadcasting and what I am receiving from the infinite range of the Akasha.

In this I am deeply thankful for the privilege of staying at the temple with Misty Odom, where we sit in a still point of peacefulness and harmony, far removed from the pandemic of fear and agitated transformation moving through the outer world at this time. Here, we work together to clear the shadows within such that we may live in the brighter expression of our reality. Such inspires me, and I shift my gaze, looking at the temple through the octaves of the Mythica, where the violet tones of the crown mix with the blood-red of the root, kissing each other across an expanse loving green.

It is heartening, and I feel it, moving through the subtle textures of my inner sensation. A sense of cooling, of the bits and pieces of my self continuing to settle, the tremors of the trauma within my subtle and causal bodies softening, changing into something new, seen emergent on the changing horizon.

It is a place of victory. All around me I can feel the textures of prosperity, of abundance and recognition, of healing and wholeness, their vibrations singing a tone of victory across the etheric waters of the akasha, their brightness bringing the shadows within to sharp contrast.

The Shadows Within the Song

I looked at them then, gazing into the substance of my self, addressing the textures of incoherence with my awareness. A splay of subtle gravities plays across my mindseye, mapping themselves to parts inside my form and their resolving agitation. The maps of my myth emerged, showing me the inner world which created the outer. This resistance to what must be done was an olde thing, wrought of incomprehension and outrage, of mistrust and defense towards the crushing gravities of the mortal plane, permeating the aspects of my form.

Thankfully, it was healing. Through my continued application of the Dispenza techniques as well as the kundalini yoga and my own akashic practices, it was gradually resolving. I was experiencing a genuine shift, a greater ability to be mindful of my vibrational state and it’s effect on my perception and reception of what was available for me within the worlds.

Practice makes Better

Though it may seem ironic, I’ve always had difficulty dropping into the regularity of the mystic practices I am now embracing. For years I had a tremendous blockage, an inability to digest them or appreciate their essence. Over time I came to see that it was bound up in the trauma to my root, to my understanding and acceptance of what it means to be spirit having a human experience.

Yet while I have often chastised or judged myself in the past for feeling as though I’m not doing enough, I remind myself that the creation of the Mythica has been a practice in and of itself, a coming to union with the nature of stories through the constancy of attention upon their aspect in the world. Where, in my own manner, I have always been practicing the kriyas of story. The meditation upon the road of becoming that gave rise to the siddhi of story.

I laugh at myself here, recognizing how easy it is to forget how much I have accomplished, how much I have done, as I look upon the next hill, the next mountain or valley upon the quest. It’s a beautiful, softening thing, releasing the grip of expectation and inner question from my heart, fueling an inner expansion that opens my access to the magic.

For me, this comes down to doing the practices. Of performing the devotions, the disciplines, the repeated actions that forge new impressions into the substance of the akasha. To clear the ripples that have created my previous realities so that my deeper and truer self may emerge.

Focusing inward, I look upon my body, and see how out-of-shape I have become. How sedentary and slow. I feel tightness, aches and pains through my form, the vibrant version of my reality held in abeyance as I focused upon the creation of the temple.

I feel a wave of sadness as it calls up shadows of unacceptance about my body, for in the flabbiness of my muscles and the excess weight I see my own lack of application. I have not tended my body temple, and it shows. Here I see my own lack of comprehension, acceptance and action regarding the nature of earthly existence. My own ignorance and occasional outrage at the necessity of cleansing the self such that the abundant reality that is our birthright may be received.

My singular attention has created the temple of the Mythica, a means by which the indric threads of the akasha may be seen and the people may come to witness their own stories. It is a great thing. A beautiful thing, and I allow myself a moment to bask in the self-love, in the recognition of that valiant effort and the results that it has brought across the years of my journey. At last, I feel us connecting with the Commonwealth, participating in the awakening of the consciousness through teaching the mystic arts to the world.

And while I do intentional invocation to be grateful for the groundedness of potential change, it does not change the fact that I must change my entire manner of being, to step away from the constant forging at the computer and bring my attention onto my human vessel. That I must shift realms, deeply and profoundly, and attend the garden of my self.

Fundamental to this is being able to write about the process. To resolve within my self what it means to be human, to
to ground the majesty of the crown that has illuminated my journey across the underlands with the root of the material plane, my resolution of what it means to be human at this point in the unfoldment.

It’s funny, because like everything else in the Mythica it’s defined by my own peculiar nature, the particular circumstance of my character in the Great Story. For many years I had quested to discover the nature of my self, to understand why things were happening to me in their particular way and find a means to transform them into something even brighter. I longed to find my right place in the worlds and to feel connected, grounded into the web of life that draws us all to One.

This was extremely difficult, because my consciousness would flicker, drifting between entirely different realms of being, seemingly without reason, and I would not remember who I had been in that other world.

To remedy this, I constructed the Mythica platform. A way of healing the amnesia within my own self, of connecting my transcendent viewpoint of the akasha with the very real unfolding realities of the world tree by documenting my journey, as well as that of others, on our sacred quests across the timelines of our lives. Where, through our stories, we would invoke an act of shared remembrance, coming to see the underlying mythologies that defined our lives.

Through the journaling of my quest, I would document my own application of the mystic practices to show the results of their application, to Walk the Walk across the underlands of my journey.

During my time on the island of Maui in 2018, I had encountered an alchemist named Seth who was in pursuit of what he called the “diamond body”, the exaltation of health and wholeness as it exists in one’s physical form. At the time, he had compared it to his perception of my having the “diamond mind”, a perfection of perception and clarity that he associated with an attainment.

For me, this is about really coming to terms with what it means to be human. To come to acceptance with the reality of why I have to do the practices. Of what I gain, and what I lose, from my relationship with the necessity of cultivation. Of embracing what it means to be human at this time, to be part of a grand unfoldment of many selves all coming to awaken. To make the transition into a new reality, together.

From such a vantage, the very idea of cultivation was nonexistent. I simply moved from one circumstance to another, gradually becoming more and more adept at feeling my energies shift from one shape to another, becoming what they needed to be to accommodate the play of gravities that defined a situation. I could not consistently hold onto the idea of a disciplined approach, it simply did not fully exist within my framework of reference.

As it happens, i’m aware of the process. Of the shape of my lens of self and the gradual increase of my access to the assets of potential within my field. There’s a strange simultaneousness to it, where I am both aware in a very angelic way of the grace underlying the experience and experiencing the edges and turmoil of my own resolving subconscious, the aches and pains that long for resolution through the balancing of my own heaven and earth. In this, I remind myself again that I must do the practices more ardently. That I have completed the task in building the architecture of the Mythica and now must focus my attention into my form. Into balancing the energies within.

Yet while I did not always recognize it’s necessity, this did not exempt me from it’s reality. For all of my clarities, there existed a deep incoherence within my being, a rumbling tremor across the fields of my manifestations which manifested as disharmonies and difficulties within my life. It was the essence of both my story and my sorrow, the mystical reality that I got to live within and the tremendous difficulty I was having in negotiating what most beings called the material plane.

I had a great gift, a witnessing of the substance of the Creation itself. A viewpoint into the most subtle and causal substance of our reality, the akasha. At the same time, I could barely understand the most basic aspects of the human condition, of the patterns and cycles that made up the human plane. I walked a strange razor between my own heavenly and earthly awareness, constantly moving from one point of perspective to another across an endless stream of manifest realities.

This presented a deep challenge, for in order to give the gift of the Mythica, I had to anchor into the material plane, clarifying what I perceived into a form that would be digestable to others. At the same time, the very nature of the issue prevented me from anchoring, from even remembering, consistently and clearly, why and what I had to do.

Because of that devic quality, I had tremendous challenges understanding why one would have to practice. Like so many aspects of the material plane, it simply did not occur, appearing only when the lightning between my heavenly and earthly aspects aligned, when I was able to see from a place of balance.

It’s funny. I built the Mythica to teach the mystic arts, which by definition required me to develop the discipline and devotion to do my own inner process, to do the necessary work required to manifest that intention into reality. To clarify what I am saying and construct the online temple through which to transmit the teachings took me decades, building the evidence of my journey through photos and words across a seemingly endless maelstrom of wilde movement through the many realms of the Creation. It was difficult, demanding I face the deep shadows that lay within the subtle planes of all of humanities dreams. Yet I had made it. I had triumphed, and now took respite and regeneration in the sacred hearth and home of the Odom, this great goddess of Love and Law joining us on the Quest deeper into the Mythica.

To be in this moment is one of great victory, for after those many years of forging, I am at last able to do what i’ve always wanted to do … to write. To transcribe my mythical journey in a way that establishes the context for ALL journeys, revealing what i’ve learned about the underlands that form the territories beneath the many stories and songs of the worlds. To show what it means to move through the shadows and substance of one’s own self and initiate a shared conversation about what it means to walk the path.

Fundamental to that narrative is talking about the process of transformation. About the very real psychic and physical transformations that happen when we clear the shadows from our path and make our way to a brighter realm of existence. This means being real, as real as I can get, because as a mystical writer, that’s me being real with my self. About having a commodity of transparency, of shameless acceptance and alchemical transformation throughout my expression, it texture thick between the letters of my writing, holding my voice in a bosom of the real.

That’s not always easy. It means facing my own inner shadows, the incoherences with obstruct the expression of my light through my arts. It means recognizing that for all my attainments, there is much to learn before I can say I have truly resolved my relationship with being human. That while I have attained the siddhi of story and am flush with it’s wielding, such is only a chapter in the greater tale, it’s clarity anchoring me such that I may address the next territory of my unfoldment across the underlands of the self. Here, I face the reality that while certain aspects of my magic are clarified and fine, others are unattended, aching for care and cultivation such that I may truly receive the goodness that exists within the material plane.

There’s humility in this. Moreso, there’s humanity, for without this quality, without the challenges and distortions that I have had to face along the path, this journal would not exist. Without the trials and the treasures they produced, there would be no story. No golden breadcrumbs to leave for others making the brave journey through their own landscapes of legend.

For years now I have been shifting. Coming to a greater and more constant recognition of the subconscious patterns that have influenced my relationships with the worlds. Seeing here and again how the transcendent awareness that defines my aspect and it’s purpose within the Great Story has been both a blessing and a burden, how my innocence with the human experience and the trauma of the incoherence have defined my own journey home.

It is a thing I had seen many times, flickering in and out of view, passing through memory and forget along the quest. Where the stormclouds within would part, and I would see clearly into the substance of my story, recognizing the nature of my character and it’s aspect within the grand design.

Now, here at the temple, I was feeling it more consistently. I had more coherence, more ability to organize the energies which were coursing through my form. Through the healing of my root and the subsequent crystallization of the Mythica’s architecture into manifestation, I was having the ability to land, at last, into the Commonwealth. To anchor the telling of the tale through the publishing of my story, showing the real journey to the more heavenly earth.

Here, through the platform, i’ve created a context to show both my own mystical journey and that of others, all connected through the latticework of synchronicities and stories that reveals our shared unity. Our shared movement towards a more heavenly earth. That shows our movement through the realms of shadow back to the brighter version of our potential experience.

To do so is a thing of necessity, for if I want the more expansive reality I must do the work necessary to transform my consciousness. Such is the nature of the movement to a new reality.

To face the reality that incarnating here at this time is to be made of the incoherent patterns moving across the substance of the universal Self. To be part of a grand unfoldment from chaos back to clarity, from the old paradigm of disorder and disharmony back to one of more unified and golden radiance. To a place where Love is seen, unobscured by the tremors of agitation across the substance of the akasha.