Maps of the Journey Home

There is a pattern to our movements across the World. A deeper reason why we arrive in synchronicity. In this map of the locations visited on the Quest, Readers are invited to see for themselves the places in which major events happened and avatars of the new paradigm met on the adventure.

Seeing the Mythical Landscape

The Jackson Wellsprings
Located in the northern edges of the Shire of Ashland, the Jackson Wellsprings is a sanctuary for travelers and locals throughout the realms of Cascadia.…
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Hana Mana
A place of healing, of meeting Heaven and Earth. Of working on the Lands within and without, in Hana, one of the Heart’s of Maui.
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One of the most potent of the flickering realms, the Beloved festival manifests once a year as a gathering point for many of the adventurers…
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The Valhalla Mountains
The mystical Valhalla Mountains, home to the towne of Winlaw. One of the holts of the northern elves and birthplace of the┬áMythmaker. The Valhalla Mountains…
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Mount Shasta
The deeply mystical Mount Shasta, guarding the entrance to Cascadia across the northwestern territories of the Americas. The vibrational timbre of Mt. Shasta draws seekers…
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Barton Springs
A deeply magical watering hole, thick in a nexus of ley lines in the western territories of Austin, Texas. Used by native tribes across the…
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