Milestones on the Quest

02 October 2002

Milestone - Meeting the Goddess

It was during this time that I received the inspiration from the Goddess in the Kalalau Valley of K

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07 July 2004

Milestones - Learning the Arts of Magic

It was during my time at the Academy of the Ancient Arts that I first came to understand the rhythm

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18 August 2010

Milestones - Distortions and the Deva

It was in 2010, during the "Livingwell" episode of the Journey Home, when I first felt the relation

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20 February 2011

Milestones - Embracing Forgiveness

Joe Vitale, Author of "Zero Limits" 2013. During the "Ho'oponopono" episode of the Journey Home

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24 June 2015

Milestone - Taking Responsibility, Healing the Kingdoms

A major moment on the Quest where I am called on to use the ho'oponopono to clear the energies that

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03 March 2019

Milestones - Seeing the Abundance

It was during the 'Mandala Gardens' episode of 2018 that my vision cleared enough such that I could

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06 June 2019

Milestones - Clarity & Distortions

At last my lifelong naivety to the nature of human suffering was clarifying. As I continued to c

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