The Architecture of Myth

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At last the architecture of the Mythica is solid enough to spend time with the comic.  For me, this is the nougat at the centre of the Mythica, the illustrative entry point for Readers to jump into the next octave of their awareness.  To come to see the Good things going on, the seeds of the New Earth coming together, in the modern hieroglyph, the graphic novel.

Mythica Comics are an integral part of that architecture, a way of witnessing our Stories that reveals the Surface and the Subtle aspects of our reality.  They are the hieroglyph of the emergent Age, framing the real Characters of the Great Story as I witness them in the elemental planes of the Mythica.

In this way she functions as a yogic device, a spell of Opening which, by virtue of her nature, awakens both the Author and the Reader, for as we gain more awareness of What Is, we are better able to step into the majesty of who we really are.

To do this, a framework had to be created that both allowed beings to be recognized within the narrative of the Mythica as the embodied aspects of Divinity that they are as well as showcasing the much larger pattern, the Great Story of humanities unfoldment, the real Story of our Awakening told in modern myth.

The content had to show the real movement across the rainbow road from the Shadowlands to the Brightlands, framing our individual and Collective journey to Heaven on Earth in it’s true mythopoetic majesty.

Like all aspects of the Mythica, the comics act as a portal to the real beings that are featured in their pages, offering a bridge to that aspect of the unfolding paradigm to the Reader, for as we have greater revelation into What Is, we have passage to those parts of our Self that were forgotten.

Within such a framework, I envisioned the graphic novel being the front-end for a much larger akashic web, a weaving together of pathlines and revelatory yogas that, in concert, Opened a window into the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

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It would be an architecture of personal timelines, the digital manifestation of the Atlas of Stories, witnessed in the deep subtleties of the Mythica.  In which the comics were but one portal of many into viewing the Truth – that there is no separation.  That all of our Paths are woven together in a synchrony of shared unfoldment.  That we are more than we remember our Selves to be, and that there IS a way to step into a better reality.

In that framework, individual Characters would be linked together, the synchronicity of their arrival in each other’s Stories mapped in the underlying weaving of the timelines, showcasing the minutia of their occurrence.  While the timelines themselves would feature actual photos of the events of their lives, hovering above this, providing a mythical overview, would be the graphic novel, the modern hieroglyph, honouring such things in larger context.

Such would showcase the Good works they were doing, revealing the very real threadwork of that Akashic web, illuminating the tapestry behind all things while simultaneously honouring the People who make up that Great Story.  A way of viewing our shared Story that remembered that the Stories of heroines and heroes, of myths and legends, are of our own Selves, stepping into a deeper octave of our own embodiment.


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