Reflections – The Timeline of Your Story

It’s time to appreciate time. To understand it’s sacred role in the unfoldment of our sacred Path.

Time is our friend. Our steady companion in the journey of becoming. It is through the Gift of Time, and that of her sister Space, that we are able to have a storyline, a threadwork of moments and synchronicities defining the landscape of our personal myth.Here, we get to see the progression of one’s character, of their role in the Great Story. We get to see how we changed, the when and the where we unfolded into the next dimension of our sacred Path. Here, we get to look at the Big Picture, and in doing so gain better vantage on the patterns which have defined our personal adventure.

As we come to see this more clearly, we step into the yoga of story, the witnessing of our Path in sacred appreciation of the gift of our current self.

Our timeline charts our progression. Our movement along the heroic journey of our lives.

It was in 2002 – The Call to Adventure, that I first started documenting my journey into the real magical World. At a moment in time kissed by the lightning in the rainswept streets of New York.

From there I’ve traveled, for more than fifteen years, documenting my travel across the vibrational landscape I have come to call the Underlands, finding my way to a more heavenly Earth.

It’s been a magical, mystical adventure. A heroic journey in service to something larger than myself, in which I’ve gotten to live in the current embodiment of the modern myth.

And all of it happened in Time. Along the timeline of my Story, my unique movement along the road of becoming.

Appreciating Time

Timelines seen in the Akasha

If one were to change their vantage and look at their timeline from a distance, they would see it is never isolated, but part of a much larger skein, an infinite web of interconnections, of many timelines, all part of a grand tapestry of unfoldment that connects us all.

In the recognition of our sacred story, our progression of movement from one state of being to another happens along a timeline. Along moments in Time and Space where Things Happen.

To see myself here, by the Barton Springs in the blossom of the seed of the Mythica is far different than who I was when I first conceived of the idea in 2002. 
When I first started on the quest I was not entirely clear. I was not sure what I was doing, I only followed the urgings of my heart and my  when I first started on the quest I was not entirely clear. And I was not sure what I was doing, I only follow the urgings of my heart and my dedication to understanding,   Following the divine trail that would lead to the blossoming of the Mythica  in-service to the awakening.
It was during the 2004 episode “academy of the ancient arts“ that this elemental quality of perception first began to ground into the incarnate plane. Where is the raw and untempered canvas of sensations  found its first steps. 
 Here, training in the divination arts and cultivating my relationship with the Deva, my studies in the taro and other forms of divination took a different turn. One which would leave me inevitably down the road of sacred story and embodied mythology.

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