Reflections – What is the Quest?

What is the Quest? Put simply, the Quest is to Awaken. To live in the highest embodiment of one’s sacred self, flush with health and wholeness, able to access the infinite range of abundance and Grace that lay within our potential.

It is to recognize that abundance and magic are your birthright, and be unwavering in your dedication to transform your reality for the better.

It is to live a great Story, to recognize that the timeline of your life is an epic adventure across a landscape of personal evolution, gradually discovering the Gift that lay within you waiting to be seen.

In the context of the Mythica, the Quest is the documentation of our journey across the Underlands of our self, the vibrational landscape of our personal legend. It is the showing of the process of movement from distortion into a more heavenly Earth, honouring the forms in which we evolve, heal, and discover the Great Story that links us all.

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