2002.  “Leaving Yorke“, for it was the beginning of my heroic journey in which I left the city of New Yorke to head south, to the jungles of Costa Rica and have my first encounter with the Grandmother Ayahuasca, then to find myself at Blackrock, the City of Dreams, and from there, to the sacred islands of Kauai.

2003.  “Mages, Mountains and the Mother” – I am Led to leave sacred Kauai, to return to the Americas.  It is here that I am brought to the Firedance, a gathering of magickians and priestesses where I meet Carl Bridge, one of the guardians of Faerie, Jeff McBride and others.  As I leave, I take sanctuary with the great wizard, Oberon Ravenheart and priestess Morning Glory Ravenheart.  Such is where I acquire the Goddess statue that I bring with me, to an event called ‘Earthdance’, I meet the Lady Rebecca, the Neon Isis, as she notices the statue on my bumper.

2004 – “Academy – Year I” – Following Rebecca to the Land of Tahoe, I am introduced to Debi LeFaye, whom I recognize as a sister in Faerie, a fellow elemental, here in the Incarnate plane.  Recognizing the unfolding myth, I get down on one knee and ask her if I may apprentice in the ancient arts.  She agrees, and the Academy blossoms.

2005 – “Academy – Year II” – An intense year of personal transformation occurs, whereby I build a labyrinth out of frost and go deep into the resolution of the defilements and distortions in my Self, starting what will be a long journey of cleansing and inner work.  Days and weeks are spent doing elemental magicks, studying divination and the sacred arts at the Academy.  It is this year that I meet the last unicorn.

2006 – “Academy – Year III” – The magick continues as I come to understand more deeply the nature of realms and have glimpses of the Great Story.  I am challenged within the Academy and must find resolve, choosing to head to the soothing emerald of the Mother in the island of Maui, there to meet the white magickians.  Upon returning, there is journey to the solar eclipse in the realm of ‘Turkey’ to pick up a pair of sacred gauntlets from the master shaper, Copper Chris.  From here, the Path leads into the depths of the olde World, in the sacred Masculine, with Carl Bridge at Estrella, then to Valhalla, where I pick up my second sacred blade, ‘Talon’ from an avatar of the God, Ogun.  It is later that year that I encounter the Mythmakers for the first time, my brothers amongst the Free Folk, Hjeron O’Sidhe and Noah McLain, as well as Forest Schrodt, Zor the Fyregod and many others.  This is the year that my mystic familiar comes to me, beloved North, the great wolf.

2007 – “Academy – Year IV” – My last official year at the Academy.  It is this year that I acquire the ‘Coat of the Ancestors’, a mystical vest shaped for me by Copper Chris.  This year that I encounter the King of Trolls, and catch lightning.  In which I encounter the Mythmakers yet again in perfect synchronicity at the Day of Peace, and where I gain my first ship, ‘Calliope’s Dream’ for traveling the realms.

2008 – “Mythmaking” – Having left the Academy, I make my way to the holt of the elves, in Elphinstone.  From there, I am invited to join the Mythmakers, the mystical troupe of adventurers led by Hjeron, originating in the sacred realms of Valhalla.  I travel with them across the realms, eventually making it to the Faerieworlds for the first time.  From there, I travel the rainbow roads with Noah McLain and once more to the realms of Blackrock.

2009 – “Faerie Roads” – In the dawn of the year I make passage to the Shire of Ashland, finding sanctuary amongst the Wellsprings and beginning what will be a bright adventure in the bordertowne.  It is here that I have vision, to take Noah McLain and Patience Yanderling, my faerie brothers, to the realms of Scotland.  Upon returning, I am led to the City of Stories, and then return, closing my time with the Academy.  I must heal, and make my way southeast, to the mystical towne of Crestone to receive treatment in the Vedic realms.

2010 – “Lands of Enchantment” – I am Led to Santa Fe, there to encounter the sacred dancers of Pomegranate studios.  It is at this time that I encounter avatar of dance Anasma.  As the summer approaches, I feel the call to return to Cascadia, taking the northern roads to return to the verdant green of the West.  My sense of documenting the movement across the realms is clarifying, deeply.  I seek to prove that we live in the reflection of our own energies, manifesting in our circumstance.  Leaving Santa Fe, I am drawn deeply back into the realms of Faerie

2011 – Return to Eden” – A deep year, in which I moved to Topanga, one of the Hearts of the City of Stories.  In which I meet the angelic Ariane, Michael Ravenwood, Adam Steinberg and others.  In which I travel for 6 months across the depths of the Mythica with Ciardha, exploring the realmsand patterns of the djedhi and the art of serumnynjitsu.  Together, we traveled through the Faerieworlds, deep into the Rainbow City, and across the West, returning to the sacred Land of Livingwell and eventually to beloved Kauai.  When I return, we part ways, and I pass through the realmgate from the middle kingdoms to the galactic.

2012 – Brave New World” – This is a year of exploration, going deeper into the Galactic and pantheonic realms, in which I meet the many avatars of the emergent World.  Beloved Katie Rose and I find our way from the sacred gatehouse of Onedoorland to the convergence of the tribes, and across the seas to the Island of the Gods with Akira Chan and Adelaide Marcus.  Together, we come to the Blinking Sun, following the tribes of the Free Folk to a gathering out in the desert, near the realms of Blackrock.  It is a time of great transformation, in which some of the darkest qualities of my Self come to the surface.

2013 – “Fortune & Family” – It is a year of great upheavals, where darkness and confusion are constant.  Where questions of the Self, of my ability to navigate the Commonwealth, where searches into the nature of abundance are earnestly pursued.  It is the coming into resonance with the Earth plane, finding solace at the Mohawk Tea House, the meeting of Ra, traveling to his ashram in the mountains to then be Led northwards back to the Valhallas and a reunion with Copper Chris, meeting the Lady Amy and the Dragon.  In which I find my way to Vipassana, and gain greater reference to the imprints I have perceived in my Quest, in which the City of Portals ejects me, and I find solace in the realms of my fellow fae lord, Mackay and his sacred Oberon’s Tavern.  It is here that sanctuary is granted by David Lovere, where I deeply invoke the ho’oponopono to transform my Life, and re-encoutner Sean Staub and Lucinda Loves.

2014 – “The Dharma Kings” – The ho’oponopono gives such result.  Sean, Lucinda, Carla Carpenter, Eric and I move into a grand house, a Buddhist retreat center in the Colstein Valley, a place thick with ley, the home of a sacred temple built by the very owners of the house in which we stay.  It is during this year that I finally manage to make it deeper into the realms of Love, through a grand invocation in the realms of Lucidity, which leads me to Adi Bengtson, another deva and paladin of the Divine.

2015 – Victory” – Victory at last.  This is the year the Mythica comes into being.  I am Led to invite Dakota Chanel to the Union of the Kingdoms, serving my purpose as an ambassador of the deva.  It is a great challenge, in which I must face the imprints of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in distortion and find redemption.  In which my right action wins me sanctuary with the gracious nobility of Allan Lundell and Sun Marian, the Futures.  Where Dakota and I spend six months, deeply transforming one another, finding our way across the territories of the Mythica and bringing her into birth.

2016 – The Sword in the Stone” – Upon leaving Future Peak, I am led to the Shire of Ashland, to pick up a caravan from Shivoso Phoenix, and am given shelter at the Ark temple, stewarded by priestess Keval Bliss.  From here, we launch northwards to the gathering of the Mythic Worlds, reuniting with my faerie brethren, Hjeron O’Sidhe and Pearl Solora Zule.  Upon returning, I encounter the esteemed Marie Duvall, and begin the deeper weaving of the realms of Faerie with Bryonie Arnold at the Fernie Brae.  The tone of this year is Love thy Self, I am focusing intently on healing and loving my Self, taking with me the lessons of Love I learned from beloved Dakota.  The fields of the Divine Feminine rise within me this year, and I go deep into the Life Visioning process and coming back to the Truth of Abundance.

2017 – “Love thy Self” – Having attained Realization and honouring North’s desire to stay in the fields of Crestone, I return to the City of Angels.  Here, I encounter Michael Beckwith and Agape Ministries, creators of the Life Visioning principles at last, the first part of the prophecy to bring the Mythica to Agape and then the Mindvalley.  This leads to the sacred Lands of Bali to at last engage in the deep healing and Love of my human Self ….