What’s my WHY?

In the act of witnessing my journey across the Creation I have learned many things.  Building the Mythica and assisting the People in rising to the next octave of their potential has been no easy task, requiring that I both achieve the realization of my own consciousness and provide a means of helping others to do the same.  In such moments, and in accordance with the currently vogue memes of the Commonwealth, I ask my Self, “What’s my Why?”

It is essential that we know the WHY that drives our actions.  Understanding our Why is, in so many ways, a divination past the shifting mirrors of our mind into the sacred tabernacle of the Heart.  Such is where we see the Truth – The Love that gives rise to all things.

Why would I create the Mythica? Why would I go through all the trouble to document my the Journey Home, to outline the yogas of the Deva and Story, to spend the endless hours crafting a way of showing the cloud atlas of the Akasha? Why would I endure the trials and tribulations necessary to create such a thing? Why not just pull away into a cave somewhere, focusing on the bliss of union with the Divine?

The Answer is simple.  Love.  I came here to help the People.  I Love humans, regardless of the many distortions that define the mortal condition in it’s transience.  Recognizing that most beings were not, by definition, enlightened, I saw that something needed to be created to assist beings in their transition.  Not everyone wishes to sit and receive transmissions from some avatar sitting on a pedestal.  In this day and Age, beings move more and more into a personal sovereignty, the necessary cultivation of discernment into the urgings and intuitions of their Self.  I resolved that I would create a means of showcasing the Path itself, the journey from ignorance to Realization, using not only my own Story as an example but that of the other ennobled Authors that joined me on the Quest.  To create an entirely new way of disseminating the yogas of being, wrought into a multimedia framework of beauty and Grace.

Such has been the great effort, my version of the fundamental impetus which affects all enlightened beings, driven to assist the end of unnecessary suffering.  Such reminds me of a moment on the Journey Home in 2016 when I visited the loft of my ally Durian Songbird.  Here, I was asked to read a passage from the ‘Gene Keys’ one of the currently vogue systems of divination of the emergent Age.

In the text, the author described the difference between an ‘Arhat’ and a ‘Boddhisatva’.  In context, he described them as aspects of enlightenment.  In the case of the Arhat, they are enlightened, therefore everyone else is enlightened, and there is no work to do.  In the case of the boddhisatva, they withhold the energies intentionally, gradually working through the human condition to help the People.

Such is my Truth.  I came here to help humanity Awaken.  To put on the costume of mortality for a time and understand what is happening and how to remedy it. I move through the human condition to prove the way back to the Garden for all of us.  Such is the virtue of my deepest Heart.

It is my Why.


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